May 232013

 Welcome to The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph website.

The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph

1051 Route 66, P.O.  Box 344

Randolph, Vermont 05060

Pastor George Sweet  728-5318

STATEMENT OF FAITH – The Bible is the inerrant, infallible and divinely inspired Word of God and shall be our only authority and guide in the matters of faith and practice. As an expression of our beliefs, we subscribe to the principles of faith as set forth in “The Baptist Faith and Message”, as printed in the 2000 edition by LifeWay Christian Resources. Sunday is our organized day of worship. Sunday School (all ages) – 9:30 AM – Coffee Time – 10:30 AM Morning Worship – 10:45 AM Evening Worship & Discipleship Training – 6:00 PM Shockwave Youth Group (7-12th grade) – 6:00 PM (be sure to check the calendar for details and any possible changes to the schedule) Office Hours:  See bulletin for the week for actual hours. For Emergencies: Call Church Office at 728-5318. DEACONS MEETING YOUR NEEDS-If you have needs during the month of June, please contact Andre St Dennis 728-5744  (Deacon-of-the-month for December 2014) as he is the designated Deacon-of-the-Month. When Pastor is unavailable, Andre should be called for your emergency concerns as well.  The deacon-of-the-month can be reached on-line as well by sending an email to  See contact information for other phone numbers. Website:  Questions, concerns, suggestions, corrections or additions should be directed to Bob Orleck at 728-9806 or by email at


  • Exalt the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in worship and fellowship,
  • Learn and follow God’s Word
  • Share the Gospel with neighbors near and far.

Jesus has designed us to be and calls on us to be”salt” and “light” to the world.  Matthew 5:13-16.  It is only by obedience to Christ and focusing our daily living on Him through the Holy Spirit who resides in us that we will be able to be as He expects us to be in the world we live in and interact in every day. We offer organized worship services on Sunday, Sunday School classes for all ages, a youth ministry, as well as small group studies through the week.  A small group study will enable you to get to know those you worship with better and will enable you to ask those questions you have always wanted to ask.  No matter what program the church has that you are interested in, you can be assured you will be encouraged by others who face the same or similar life challenges you just might be facing now.

There are lots of answers to lots of problems out in the world we live in.  But the only true lasting answer is in living a life dedicated to our Savior and the Truth that comes from his Holy Word!

We are glad that you found our website, hope that it helps you get to know us even better.

  •  We are believers in Jesus Christ, our Creator, Savior and Lord!
  • Our goal is to be as Jesus taught us, to be Salt and Light in the world. 
  • We have a hope in Jesus Christ that we want to share with you. 
  • We are a caring church and we enjoy fellowship with each other and others as our name suggests.
  • Please come and worship with us.

For more information about The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph, please explore our website.  You will find a calendar that spells out church events.  This site is new as of June, 2013 and was done in preparation for the celebration of our 35th anniversary as a constituted church.  Our first major project in the website was to get our historical timeline onto it.  That has been done, so please take the time to click on the various points in time and see narrative that will tell you more about us and where we came from and in come cases where we are going.  The timeline was not meant to include all church historical events that occur throughout the year because if it did it would become so filled that it would be hard to manage and would lose its effectiveness in telling new viewers what our big picture history is.   Review of past records and decisions to put them in the timeline will be ongoing also, so don’t think that because something does not appear in the timeline that it was determined that it was not significant.  As these important facts are found they will be incorporated in the timeline so if you know things that belong please let us know.  In the short time frame that was involved in getting this timeline launched there is no doubt that significant matters have been missed.  Also what is “significant” is subjective so please do not be bothered if you see timeline posts that you feel should not be there or know of things that you think should be there.  Now that the site and the timeline has been launched, most of the new items involving church activities will be included in the Calendar and in Fellowship News and not the timeline. As of August 2013 the site has added Sunday morning sermon podcasts.  You can also see the bulletins for past and upcoming services.  There is a contact page.  There is a calendar of events page.  If you review the side-bar menu you will see many other areas of the website that you might like to explore.  In addition in our links section you will find resources that will help you in your Christian exploration and growth.  May God bless your use of this modern tool as we worship Him, the Creator of all!

Be sure to continue scrolling down this page to see all the current news items of the Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.

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Dec 212014

Community Christmas party/living nativity

On December 21, the Baptist Fellowship of Randolph invited our community to join us in a Christmas celebration that included a walk through the past – a Living Nativity.  The event began at 1:00 pm and ended at about 3:00 pm.  We walked through the pages of history as we remembered the first Christmas and celebrated Christmas in 2014.  The celebration included live animals (oxen, horse and burro) provided by Yvonne and Mick Campbell.  Mary, Joseph, angels and others of the cast provided by our church membership.   Snacks, hot chocolate, cookies and cake were provided during the event.  Dave and Dana Waters sang and led in Christmas singing as Amy St. Denis served hot chocolate to the cold and weary travelers who had come far to see the new born child.

Now that you have seen the baby Jesus in a manger, get to know personally the Jesus who grew up, who died for our sins, who was resurrected  and has provided eternal life for those who profess their faith in Him.

  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”  John 3:16 (American Standard Version)

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Dec 182014

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Christmas is coming up in less than a week. If you are like me, you donot have your shopping done yet. (I might see you out at the stores on
Christmas Eve day.)  Here are some ideas for those of us who have not completed our Christmas shopping for this year.

  • Buy a teenager or a man a ticket to “Iron Sharpens Iron” which will be held on February 21 in Burlington, VT. Tickets are $53 for adults, and $29 for students. I have been to this conference several times and it is definitely worthwhile.
  • In March, I will be leading a small group book study to help you be a better counselor to your friends and family. The book that we will use is written by Gary Collins and is titled, “The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling for People Helpers.” If you know someone that you would like to encourage to grow as a counselor, give them a copy of this book for Christmas.
  • Each month, the web-site “Right Now Media” is available to everyone in our church for discipleship. There are hundreds of videos on the site. To sign up, send me an e-mail. The cost to the church is $80 per month and we have not budgeted for this expense. One of the key groups that has benefited tremendously from the lessons is the youth group. If you would like to make an investment in discipleship, specifically for the youth of our church, consider sponsoring our use of this web-site for a month.
  • Your deacons work hard throughout the year to serve you.  Consider giving them a gift-certificate to a restaurant so that they can spend some quality time with their spouse.  Of course, the deacons are not the only ones working hard, many people in this church give their time sacrificially on a regular basis – consider blessing them with a gift card.

.I hope that you have a Merry Christmas. Nobody knows how to celebrate Christmas better than followers of Jesus Christ.

May He bless you.

Pastor George

Dec 032014

Dear Church Family and Friends, This week, we start our annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Southern Baptist international missionaries.  Here is some information about the Lottie Moon offering from our International Mission Board (IMB). Thanks for giving A record-breaking $154 million was collected for the 2013 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, thanks to the generous [Read more…]