Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School for all ages meet each Sunday at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.



The following are the classes offered, the age, gender or grade group involved, the teacher’s name and the lesson being taught.  What is presented below are the classes and  what they are covering through Easter.

Up to 3rd grade:  Lenora Larkin – Lessons leading up to Easter celebration

4th – 6th grade:  Maryann Davis – Getting to know Christ better

7th – 10th Grade:  Gina Sweet –

11th grade – college:  Pastor George Sweet – Spiritual Warfare

Women’s class:  Karen Terwilliger – Study based on Beth Moore’s book; So Long Insecurity.

Adult Class: Bob Scully – The missing Gospel; based on book by J. D. Greear; Gospel

Adult Class:  Norman Larkin – Study on the book of Proverbs