1 Peter 5:5 (be humble)

Dear Church Family and Friends,

There are many great stories of Christian men and women who have grasped the glory of God and have been humbled by it.  Here are a couple of stories that might inspire you.

Consider the testimony of a missionary doctor.  His story goes like this:  Among those who visited Dr. Carey, the missionary, in his last illness was Alexander Duff, the Scottish missionary.  On one occasion he spent some time talking chiefly about Carey’s missionary life, until the dying man whispered, “Pray.” Duff knelt down and prayed and then said “Goodbye.”   As he passed from the room, he thought he heard a feeble voice pronouncing his name, and turning, found that he was recalled to Dr. Carey’s room. He stepped back accordingly, and this is what he heard, spoken with gracious solemnity: “Mr. Duff, you have been speaking about Dr. Carey! Dr. Carey! When I am gone say nothing about Dr. Carey—speak about Dr. Carey’s Savior.”   Alexander Duff went away rebuked and awed, with a lesson in his heart that he never forgot.

Or consider the testimony given by Robert Morrison, the noted missionary to China who wrote to his friends in England, asking for an assistant. In response a young man from the country offered himself. After an interview, the members of the board decided that though he was an earnest Christian, he was too rough and unpolished and they gave him this decision: “We do not think you fit to be a missionary, but if you would like to go out as a servant to the missionary, we will send you.”

After hearing this answer, he said, “Well, sirs, if the gentlemen don’t think me fit to be a missionary, I will go as a servant. I am willing to be a hewer of wood and a drawer of water or do anything to help the cause of my Heavenly Master.”   He was sent out as a servant, but he soon became a missionary and it turned out that this man was one of the best missionaries that ever went to that country.

May God bless you as you are humbled by Him and His Word.

Pastor George