Jan 162016

2016 March for Life in Montpelier, Vermont sponsored by Vermont Right to Life

It was a snowy day in Montpelier but that did not keep a great group of people, including a fine representation by The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph, from coming out and marching and standing for life.

Amy Cochran gave testimony of change of heart and mind after having had two abortions as a young person. She has become a forgiven strong advocate for the unborn and works tirelessly to get her message out.

Sarah Mary Toce was the keynote speaker. “She has been named the New England Life and Leadership Project Director, and in this new capacity is collaborating with various National Right to Life affiliates in the New England area to foster more youth education and training initiatives in this area of the country.” Her message was strong and very hopeful as she put forth the goal of her generation to be the one to end abortion after forty three years of unbelievable evil that has taken the lives of over 58,000,000 innocent children’s lives since the ruling in Roe v. Wade.

The entire program was inspiring. Vermont Right to Life did a wonderful job organizing and executing the event and the music and just everything was so well done and left no doubt that just as other generations have fought and defeated the evils of slavery and the holocaust, so too will history point to this time when abortion was eradicated from our lives and God will once again turned his blessings on to our nation!

For more on the march from Vermont Right to Life click here.


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Oct 122015

Those that came Sunday evening to The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph to hear Andrea speak of her calling to and her work as a missionary to Romania were blessed beyond measure.  Andrea, her siblings and mother and father were integral parts of our youth group in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s when Bob and Barb Orleck were youth leaders.  Then from 1997-1999 Andrea took on the role of youth leader for our church and did an amazing job.  She spoke primarily of her 2 1/2 years in Romania but also of her work in Rwanda.

There will be links to her presence on the web that will be on the front page menu of our website so you can keep track of her work and stay in touch.

Those who missed the presentation can listen here.