Vacation Bible School 2016 (Ocean Commotion)

Ocean Commotion Summary

On June 20 – 24, The Baptist Fellowship had its first of two VBS for the summer of 2016.  The theme of the first VBS was “Ocean Commotion,” and was developed by Answers in Genesis.  Forty-nine children attended and a staff of over 35 served by teaching songs, doing skits, teaching Bible lessons, preparing snacks, making crafts, doing recreation, and various other things.  Nine of the staff members traveled up from Burnsville, North Carolina as part of West Burnsville Baptist Church’s continuing ministry to the Randolph area.

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The themes for the days focused on relying on God.

Day 1 – We can rely on God to help us stand firm for Him.

Day 2 – We can rely on God to help us obey Him, no matter what.

Day 3 – We can rely on God to help us trust Him with our lives.

Day 4 – We can rely on God  to help us thank Him for everything.

Day 5 – We can rely on God to help us take Him seriously.

            The songs were very popular among the children and the staff.

Theme song:  Ocean Commotion

Day 1 – Stand up

Day 2 – Rock the boat

Day 3 – Trusting my life

Day 4 – Sing and shout

Day 5 – Follow Him

            The mission offering was designated for “Children’s Hunger Fund.”  A total of $701 was raised, including $260 from a car wash done by the 3rd-4th grade class, and the 5th– 6th grade class.

The Baptist Fellowship just finished Vacation Bible School. Many wonderful things happened the last week. This video show some of that visually.



The video below was produced by the older youth of the BFR


Vermont Right to Life March (Montpelier) Jan 16, 2016

2016 March for Life in Montpelier, Vermont sponsored by Vermont Right to Life

It was a snowy day in Montpelier but that did not keep a great group of people, including a fine representation by The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph, from coming out and marching and standing for life.

Amy Cochran gave testimony of change of heart and mind after having had two abortions as a young person. She has become a forgiven strong advocate for the unborn and works tirelessly to get her message out.

Sarah Mary Toce was the keynote speaker. “She has been named the New England Life and Leadership Project Director, and in this new capacity is collaborating with various National Right to Life affiliates in the New England area to foster more youth education and training initiatives in this area of the country.” Her message was strong and very hopeful as she put forth the goal of her generation to be the one to end abortion after forty three years of unbelievable evil that has taken the lives of over 58,000,000 innocent children’s lives since the ruling in Roe v. Wade.

The entire program was inspiring. Vermont Right to Life did a wonderful job organizing and executing the event and the music and just everything was so well done and left no doubt that just as other generations have fought and defeated the evils of slavery and the holocaust, so too will history point to this time when abortion was eradicated from our lives and God will once again turned his blessings on to our nation!

For more on the march from Vermont Right to Life click here.


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Live Nativity at Baptist Fellowship of Randolph

Community Christmas party/living nativity

On December 21, the Baptist Fellowship of Randolph invited our community to join us in a Christmas celebration that included a walk through the past – a Living Nativity.  The event began at 1:00 pm and ended at about 3:00 pm.  We walked through the pages of history as we remembered the first Christmas and celebrated Christmas in 2014.  The celebration included live animals (oxen, horse and burro) provided by Yvonne and Mick Campbell.  Mary, Joseph, angels and others of the cast provided by our church membership.   Snacks, hot chocolate, cookies and cake were provided during the event.  Dave and Dana Waters sang and led in Christmas singing as Amy St. Denis served hot chocolate to the cold and weary travelers who had come far to see the new born child.

Now that you have seen the baby Jesus in a manger, get to know personally the Jesus who grew up, who died for our sins, who was resurrected  and has provided eternal life for those who profess their faith in Him.

  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”  John 3:16 (American Standard Version)

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Sarah Stalnaker Baptism


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Operation Christmas Child delivered

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes

This gallery of photos show pictures taken by Andre St Denis at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.  Some have to do with the preparing of individual shoe boxes and others have to do with the delivery of those shoe boxes to the church from various other churches.

As of Sunday there had been 850 total shoe boxes delivered or prepared at our church.  The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph contributed 286 of the 850 shoe boxes.  The first year this was done many moons ago the total was 6.

Thanks to all who helped and supplied the gifts and money that will bring some happiness into the lives of many children around the world.

Thanks also to Samaratan’s Purse and the work they do on behalf of our wonderful, loving God.


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