Keep your SHAPE in shape!

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Today I will be sharing with you how you can keep your SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences) in shape.  Your spiritual shape workout functions best when you have three kinds of relationships with people.

  1. You need someone to mentor you in the Christian faith, and in the ministry to which you are called.
  2. You need some friends with which to do ministry together, as you were shaped to do.
  3. You need someone that you can mention in the Christian faith, and in the ministry to which you are called.

Let’s examine the need for these three relationships through the life of a young pastor named Timothy (2 Timothy 2:1-13).

  1. Timothy’s mentor was the apostle Paul.  Paul wrote two letters to Timothy that were inspired by the Holy Spirit and preserved in the canon of Scripture.  From these leters, we know that Paul viewed Timothy like a son.  He exhorted him as a father speaks to a son, “You, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1).  We need mentors in our lives to give us godly wisdom and advice.  These mentors need to be people with more experience in ministry than we have.
  2. Timothy served alongside other believers.  Timothy worked side-by-side with the church members he pastored.  In Paul’s earlier letter, the Holy Spirit gave him instructions on the selection of fellow workers such as elders and deacons.
  3. Timothy was told by his mentor to find some men to mentor.  “The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2).  Christians of all ages need to be training and equipping people for ministry.  In whatever ministry you are currently serving, you should be preparing your successor.  It might be weeks, or it might be years before they follow in your footsteps, but you need to start training people to do what you do now.  Even if you do not step down for a long time, it is more fun to serve in a ministry with someone else.

May God bless you as you build your relationships in Christ.

Pastor George


Vacation Bible School 2016 (Ocean Commotion)

Ocean Commotion Summary

On June 20 – 24, The Baptist Fellowship had its first of two VBS for the summer of 2016.  The theme of the first VBS was “Ocean Commotion,” and was developed by Answers in Genesis.  Forty-nine children attended and a staff of over 35 served by teaching songs, doing skits, teaching Bible lessons, preparing snacks, making crafts, doing recreation, and various other things.  Nine of the staff members traveled up from Burnsville, North Carolina as part of West Burnsville Baptist Church’s continuing ministry to the Randolph area.

Click on Gallery #1 Classes, Gallery #2 Crafts & Games,  Gallery #3 Play and Gallery #4 other for many photos taken by Andre St. Denis, Dana Waters and a few others.

In addition scroll below this article to view a video of the event.

The themes for the days focused on relying on God.

Day 1 – We can rely on God to help us stand firm for Him.

Day 2 – We can rely on God to help us obey Him, no matter what.

Day 3 – We can rely on God to help us trust Him with our lives.

Day 4 – We can rely on God  to help us thank Him for everything.

Day 5 – We can rely on God to help us take Him seriously.

            The songs were very popular among the children and the staff.

Theme song:  Ocean Commotion

Day 1 – Stand up

Day 2 – Rock the boat

Day 3 – Trusting my life

Day 4 – Sing and shout

Day 5 – Follow Him

            The mission offering was designated for “Children’s Hunger Fund.”  A total of $701 was raised, including $260 from a car wash done by the 3rd-4th grade class, and the 5th– 6th grade class.

The Baptist Fellowship just finished Vacation Bible School. Many wonderful things happened the last week. This video show some of that visually.



The video below was produced by the older youth of the BFR


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