Hutsuli People

Church adopted the Hutsuli people of Ukraine

Understanding our need to make disciples in other nations as well as our community, we began to pray and study the process of adopting an unreached people group.  For several weeks, we studied the needs around the world and the ways that churches can be used to reach people who have no or limited access to the gospel. After this process, we took a closed-ballot vote to determine our mission field.  By a wide majority, the country of Ukraine was mentioned in this Spirit-led event.  After further investigation and prayer, we concluded that God was calling us to adopt the Hutsuli people of Western Ukraine.  Shortly after this decision, God called a couple, Emery and Clara Laszlo, to serve as IMB missionaries to the Hutsuli people.  We continue to pray the Hutsuli people and hope to visit them soon.

Our church has in the past reached out to the Ukraine when Pastor Jerry Smith and Bob Orleck went on a mission trip to Mirgorod, Ukraine in 2001.