Church Renewal

Church Renewal Journey is ongoing

Pastor George believes that Church Renewal Journey (May 2-4, 2008) has had a major effect on how we do church here at the Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.   It resulted in the formation of small group, home Bible studies with the gathering in various homes for Bible study and fellowship!  We started with a course on Christian world views (Ergun Mehmet Caner, When Worldviews Collide, Lifeway, One Lifeway Plaza, Nashville, TN).  One thing we realized was that we did not know each other as well as we thought we did.  So we needed additional Bible Study and fellowship within the church.  It has worked out well.  The Scully group still meets as well as a women’s Bible study at the Randolph House.  It has impacted a lot of our committees and ministry teams as well.  This has shown by the way these gatherings have incorporated the prayer, Bible study and fellowship components of small group study into almost all of their meetings.  Praise the Lord!

March 5-7, 2010 was a weekend for “Prayer Empowering”. This weekend was the second stage in our Church Renewal Journey. A team led by Don Hanle came to our church and proved themselves to be outstanding lay ministers. The lessons on prayer were taught by Randy Sprinkle and Roy Lawrence. Two ministries were strengthened as a result of this weekend. First of all, the church began prayer walking with more urgency and purpose. Secondly, during our prayer walking one weekend, we delivered church invitations to nearly 1000 homes as part of the GPS (God’s Plan for Sharing) evangelism outreach.

September 21-23, 2012 was a weekend for “Marketplace Evangelism”. The fourth step on the Church Renewal Journey is known as the Marketplace Evangelism weekend. The team was once again led by Don Hanle and taught by C. L. Chappell (we like to keep a good thing going). The lessons were based on the book, “Made to Count,” by Bob Reccord and Randy Singer. At the Sunday morning worship invitation, 15 church members were commissioned as missionaries. These individuals have been consistently serving as missionaries on college campuses, schools, offices, hospitals, neighborhoods and churches.