Darryl Rodgers (Youth Motivational Speaker)

Chase and Dad
October 17, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph
1051 VT-66
Randolph, VT 05060
Bob Orleck
Darryl Rodgers (Youth Motivational Speaker) @ The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph | Randolph | Vermont | United States

Chase Rodgers, the very much-loved son of Darryl and Kim Rodgers, died when his car, driven by a girl who was unlicensed and had used marijuana, left the interstate highway and hit a tree at 60 mph.  The young lady did not die in the accident but survived to subsequently commit suicide.  The message is strong and surprising for many who might believe it is a certain group of people who are inclined toward drugs when that is not true.  Chase was a great kid from a strong Christian family and he died.  

Darryl will be visiting the State of Vermont for 10 days from October 14-23 and staying with Bob and Barb Orleck.  He will be speaking around the state at churches, Northeastern Baptist College, before Drug Court offenders and their families, a medical society, public and Christian schools.  He his here to share his story with youth, their parents and anyone who will listen that marijuana led their son down a road to a lifestyle involving drugs and alcohol and that led to his death.  Darryl loved his son so much that he did not want him to die in vain so he is trying to bring the message to as many people as he can regarding the dangers of addicting drugs.  His is a story that every person should hear.

Darryl will be speaking at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph on Tuesday evening at 7 PM, October 17th.    His purpose in coming is to speak to youth, young adults and parents on the dangers that they face daily with drugs and the hope and help that comes from faith in Jesus as Lord.

Darryl, his wife and son Justin live in North Carolina.  At age 19, Darryl became a corporate pilot, and served as a medic in the Army National Guard and a Copilot/Gunner on the AH-65 Apache attack helicopter.  A successful businessman, he has run an outdoor summer camp for boys and worked with “at-risk” boys through a non-profit program he started.   He now is a writer, a professional videographer and designs websites.

His book “A life half lived” is on Amazon and free for Kindle readers.  Rodgers, Darryl. A Life Half Lived: A True Story of Love, Addiction, Tragedy, and Hope . CMR Publishing. Kindle Edition.  Exerpts from his book will tell you the kind of message he will be bring us.  Please try to have as many teens, parents and others come and listen to this message that all should hear.

“This isn’t Chase,” I said. “This is only the body that housed Chase for 20 years. The real Chase is no longer here. He’s in heaven now.” I firmly believe Chase is in heaven because he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and savior when he was a little boy. Based on the questions his pastor asked him and how Chase answered those questions, I believe he is in Heaven. Certainly he made some decisions that I did not approve of and that I don’t believe God would approve of.  Haven’t we all?”

“I loved Chase with all of my being. His birth changed me, his life changed me, and his death changed me in very profound ways. I am not the same person today that I was all those years ago when Chase was born or even a few months ago when Chase died. I pray for the guidance and the will to become a better person each and every day, to become the person I was created to be, to help others when it is possible, and to do my part to leave the world a better place after I am gone. I look forward to the personal growth that will come from the struggles ahead and to the rewards this life sometimes has to offer. I also am looking forward to the day that will eventually come when God is ready for me to see Chase again. We’re going to have a good time and a lot more adventures together in a place much better than this.  THE END”