George Sweet Pastor (April 2006-January 2018)

Pastor George’s first Sunday – 2 April, 2006

Did you ever wonder how our trumpet playing pastor got started with the drums and where he got the drums from?  This burning question was answered by the Pastor George:

 “A group of churches from the Wilmington, N. C. area came to minister through music in the Randolph area in the summer of 2007.  They performed outdoor concerts in the town park adjoining the baseball and softball fields, and the Gazebo in the center of town.

In addition, a concert was performed at The Baptist Fellowship one night.  During this concert, a special guest was asked to perform – Pastor George on the drums!  (Pastor George had never played the drums with a group before).  Later, at the concert at the Gazebo, Pastor George was once-again asked to join the band for a couple of songs.

On the morning that the group was leaving, they called the pastor and told him they were on their way out, but had to leave some of their things here and hoped that we could use them.  The pastor was extremely surprised to find the group’s drum set when he arrived later in the day.  The pastor was extremely pleased for the church to have the drum set and prayed for God to send a drummer to play the drums.  After a year, God indicated to the pastor that he should play the drums.  As a result, the morning worship service now includes a drum-playing pastor.”

Philosophy of ministry

1) Preach and teach the Word of God.

2) Equip the church members to be missionaries wherever they are.

3) Share the truth of the gospel with everyone who will hear it.

4) Enjoy times of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

5) Worship God with everything that you’ve got.