Aug 272013
home schooling

Homeschool Resources

The Randolph Educational Resource Center (RERC) is a group of local Christian educators interested in offering assistance to homeschooling parents in our area.  They currently meet in the lower level of The Baptist Fellowship church.  The RERC offers a variety of services and are most interested in helping parents who are interested in a home-based alternatives to public education.  The required state paperwork can be overwhelming and confusing, so free assistance is offered for families interested in enrolling their children in homeschool this year.

Also the group offers standardized testing and end-of-the-year assessments. Many homeschooling parents choose to have their children tested to identify areas of weakness that need attention or further strengthening in the coming year. Testing also completes many of the requirements for end-of-the-year assessments required by the state.

For students with learning difficulties, there is a certified educational therapist on staff, Andra Mills.  She is certified with the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD).  NILD Educational Therapy is a diagnostic and prescriptive, language based intervention for students with learning difficulties similar to occupational and speech therapies.  It offers targeted supports and remediation to help students strengthen their specific areas of deficit so they are no longer handicapped by them. Teaching students how to learn allows students the eventual freedom of succeeding on their own as independent learners.  Direct intervention and the resulting competence and confidence allow students to gain the skills needed to become independent learners for a lifetime.

The Resource Center also offers extra-curricular activities.  Andra Mills offers individual piano lessons; and local artist Maryann Davis will be teaching an art class each Friday afternoon at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.  Additional activities offered include woodworking and leatherworking, as well as group activities such as snowshoeing and sledding outings this winter.  Teachers at the Resource Center are also available for individual tutoring sessions for students who need to build skills and increase knowledge in specific academic areas.

At the Center, instruction is provided for all ages in small class settings of less than eight students.  Science courses are taught each year by veteran science teacher Gina Sweet.  This year she is offering astronomy (grades 4-6), life science (grades 6-7), physical science (grades 7-9), biology (grades 9-10), chemistry (grades 10-11) and Algebra I which is a prerequisite for chemistry.  She also assists students in participation in the local and state science fairs.

For elementary and middle school students, the Center offers a variety of core curriculum courses (math, language arts, social studies, etc.) in a small class setting.  Parents also have the option of signing up for full day curriculum, taught by our Vermont State certified teachers.  To find out more or register for classes, contact Pastor George at The Baptist Fellowship (802)728-5318, or at the church web-site, or visit us at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph on August 26-30 from 9:00 am-2:30 pm.