Potter's Clay

Homeschool Cooperative begins

In the fall of 2011, by faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we started a Homeschool Cooperative, led by Maryann Davis, Andra Mills and Gina Sweet. It all started when parents began contacting Maryann in the early summer about homeschooling their children. However, soon Maryann had more students than she had room in her house. After much discussion and prayer, we felt God leading us to offer an alternative to the public and private schools in the area. Andra teaches the elementary school children, Maryann teaches the middle school children, and Gina teaches the high school children.

This educational ministry has transformed into the Randolph Educational Resource Center, and provides more than home-school-style courses. Now educational therapy courses are offered by Andra Mills, public meetings are held to help parents in the education of their children, and high school science courses are offered by Gina Sweet.