Jerry Smith Pastor (July 1996-April 2005)

On July 1, 1996 Jerry and Jane Smith and their two children, Jeremy and Julie, began their ministry at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.  On May 22, 2005 the church bid farewell to Pastor Jerry and Jane.  Jeremy and Julie are now married and on their own.  Pastor Jerry responded to a call to pastor a church in Santa Claus, Indiana.  To date, Pastor Jerry is the longest serving Pastor in the thirty-five year history of the church.

Upon request for something to post about his ministry he replied on May 2, 2013 with the following points that he saw as some accomplishments while serving in Randolph.

  • Saw the church grow from 45 in attendance to over 100 in nine years.
  • Supervised 1 or 2 summer missionaries the first 4 summers and then supervised 2 semester missionaries for 2 years each the remaining 4 years.
  • Went on a mission trip to the Ukraine in 2001 with Bob Orleck.
  • Worked with church to build a new sanctuary and remodeled existing facility in 2003.
  • Worked with multiple mission teams doing VBS, backyard Bible clubs and sports camps and etc.  3 or 4 teams a year most years.
  • Ordained 3 new deacons:  Ben Sault, Bob Scully and Irwin Bohn.
  • Developed a Halloween Carnival as an evangelistic outreach and safe place for families to come and have fun.  This became a signature ministry in the community!
  • After using mission teams to conduct VBS for 7 years, Jane helped us organize and conduct our own VBS our final two years there.  You could see and feel the pride of maturity as a church following that first one.