Marge Hart

Marge Hart (Prayer Warrior)

Those who were blessed to be a part of the BFR when Marge Hart was alive consider themselves to have been specially blessed by the Lord to know this great prayer warrior. Marge spent most of her time in her little apartment on Randolph Avenue sending up prayers for Southern Baptist missionaries at home and abroad. She kept their names on 3X5 cards and would write to over one hundred of the them. She knew each and every one and she would pray for them specifically. She kept in telephone contact with the Foreign and Home Missions Boards to keep current on their problems and needs. Marge even prayed regularly (every day) for one missionary in a snake infested area to be protected from them and he was!  For a couple of years before leaving her earthly home, Marge mentored Meg Ellis and together they wrote to and prayed for missionaries so that Meg would be equipped to carry on this work which she did.   Meg shared that when Marge would get her card out with a missionary’s name on it, she knew so much about them through letters that she spoke as if they were next door neighbors even if she had never personally met them.

She also made time for the children. She conducted an after school Bible class for children in her apartment. Marge would find time each day to come to the church and pray. The church dedicated the small room where she regularly prayed as the “Marge Hart prayer room” and placed a plaque on the door in her honor after she went to be with the Lord. She would write to missionaries from so many places and they would write personal letters to her telling her what was going on and what their needs were. Then many would come to town to see Marge. Marge was known far and wide. They came from all over the world to visit Marge in her little apartment. At her funeral, Steve Holbrook noted how amazing it was who came to visit this little frail but powerful prayer warrior. Marge was a pianist and could really play “honky tonk”. Linda Border would play an instrument and Marge would play the keyboard and Merwyn, Linda and whoever was there would sing hymn after hymn. Such fun times even though Merwyn was so off key!

A 24 hour a day vigil was kept at the “Garden Room” at Gifford Memorial Hospital when it was time for Marge to go. It was such a joyous experience to just be with her as she transitioned from this life to the next. Amy St. Denis was with her when she passed. Bob Orleck was the last one to speak to her and get a response. Over the years a regular exchange between the two would be her saying “I love you” and him saying “I love you more than you love me!” and she would bristle. In that room that was the last contact and she did indeed bristle. She knew the true meaning of the word, “Love”. Her funeral had been pre-planned by her, who would speak, the pastors who would be present and taking part, the hymns to be sung and who played the piano. She called it her “Graduation to Glory” and it was three hours long and was so joyous and yes even fun. Fun remembering such a loving, caring person and sharing all the good times. Merwyn Borders shared his deeply personal feelings for Marge saying; “Marge truly lived out the servant-life called for by Christ. Marge had so little materially, yet she gave so much and, because of this, she was blessed with a joy few of us have known.”

The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph was Marge’s church and Marge was the churches secret weapon against the devil.