Jun 012013
Merwyn climbing Camels Hump with Youth Group

Photo of Merwyn climbing Camel’s Hump with youth group in 1989

Born in Kentucky back in thirty one
But look through years how far he’s come;
Shady Grove was a place to start
But now Vermont has won  his heart.

Polite and smart he was good in school
He wasn’t one to break any rules
Never contradictory
His grades were Valedictory

He studied hard and earned his way
With a scholarship to ol’ UK
He thought that he’d be an engineer
But God had plans for a mission pioneer

He took a little church called Second Twelve Mile
Taught high school and was there just a while
English was his specialty
And there he met his bride to be.

They promised God that they would do their best
To spread the Word both East and West.
North was what they heard God say;
They’ve been in Vermont to this very day.

No church was every too far to drive
But Merwyn had to hurry so he ‘d arrive.
He loves airplanes and I guess that’s why
He’s learned to make Toyotas fly.

There’s a tale about poor Merwyn’s Saab
The rear door open as he left the garage.
He checked out the damage, got back in the car
Drove out again with another door ajar.

Cruising back to Randolph in that Saab one night
He rounded a curve and he had quite a fright.
To this very day no one knows just how,
He slipped right between the legs of a cow.

Ride with Merwyn down a country road,
Through snowy woods or a field just mowed;
Come to a yard sale with books on display
And Merwyn has to stop, for awhile anyway.

There’s never any question of what books he’ll want–
Just anything and everything written ’bout Vermont!
Then back in the car and off you’ll go,
Up hill and down, and never very slow.

Christmas is special and you’d agree
If you saw how he picks a Christmas tree.
He takes his time to choose, and then
He keeps it past the season’s end.

And now our song must reach an end
Though there’s more to say ’bout our special friend
We celebrate you on this day
And pray you’ll never move away.

Verses 9 and 10 were contributed by Carolyn Peake.  The remainder were compiled and edited by Alan Hoskins from material donated by Kevin Borders, Janet Ball, David and becky Waugh, Ken Hale, Bob Brindle, Sandra Mollica and other relatives and friends who will be eternally grateful that Merwyn touched their lives.