“My Hope” nationwide outreach results.

 Thanksgiving airing of “My Hope” with Billy Graham

My Hope-get involved nationally
My Hope-get involved nationally

Read the news about what is happening nationwide. 

You can tell your story http://myhopewithbillygraham.org/updates/. 

If you decide to do the national report or not, please also take part in our own church reporting where you will be able to report your results as an encouragement for others to do likewise. 

When you have a gathering (no matter when it is) send the following results to bob@bfrvt.org .  That information will be presented on our website in a format that will show folks how the Lord used you and our church to reach the lost.  If  you have not yet held your event but you want to share what you are planning on doing and when and/or you want to share any special ideals in connection with the emphasis you can also do it this way.

  1. Your name(s)
  2. Date of your event.
  3. Number of people you invited and were praying for.
  4. Number of people who attended and watched the video.
  5. Whether a testimony was shared.
  6. Whether a “prayer of salvation” was given at the end.
  7. Were there any decisions to follow Christ as their Savior.*
  8. Were there any other decisions? (ie. rededications)*
  9. Any comments or story you might want to add.*

*If you include a person’s name regarding a decision or other information on them personally make sure that you have their permission to publish it on our website.

While this outreach is focusing on November, the birth month of Billy Graham, the emphasis will continue and in fact there are plans by Pastor George and others to do this at least up and through Easter of 2014.  So if you are feeling some pressure of living that prevents you from doing this in November, think about December or after.

Another idea.  If you do not feel like you want or can use your home for this home based outreach, consider joining with another family and doing it jointly in their home.   Just because you have missed some of the training sessions does not mean you will be unable to do this outreach.  To the contrary.  Get the video (ask Pastor Sweet for a copy and Bob Orleck has three copies that anyone can have), send out a note or ask a friend to come (make sure they understand what this is about) and then pray for them, open your home, present the video and then begin a discussion that would include your faith testimony and the “prayer asking for salvation”.   Some have decided to have light refreshments.

 Click her for your stories and reports that have been provided.