Prayer Request

Pastor George injured in slip on snow.

Pastor George to undergo neck surgery.

Sunday morning Pastor George slipped on the new snow and injured himself in the fall.

Andre St. Denis posted the following on the prayer chain.  “The various tests at Gifford and Dartmouth today have revealed that Pastor George has a fracture in one of the vertebrae in his neck.  The doctors will be doing surgery on Monday (morning?) so please be in prayer: for peace of mind for Pastor and Gina, for the doctors doing the operation, for quick recovery and healing.”

You can check back to this post that will be updated when there is more information or you will receive information through the prayer chain.

Update: 1:20 PM 11/11/2013.  Pastor George resting comfortably.  Surgery has not yet occurred.  No time yet set for surgery.  He has no paralysis and was able to stand for a moment when I was there this morning.  He is hooked up to many devices and has a neck brace on to keep it immobilized.  Gina asked for all to be praying and to pass on prayer request to any who will pray.

Update 2:30 PM 11/11/2013.  Same as above.  No surgery as of yet and has yet to be scheduled.  Pastor has specifically asked for as much prayer as can be mustered up.

For those wanting to visit Pastor George, Gina said it is OK.  He is in room 318 at DHMC.  Go to the North Entrance building.

Update 4:20 PM 11/11/2013.  Pastor George is being prepared for surgery at this very moment.  I expect he will be in the operating room shortly.  If you plan to visit, meet in the visitation room on the 3rd floor in the area of his room which is 318.  Go to the North Entrance building.  It is unlikely that you will be able to visit with him tonight.  Following surgery he will be in recovery for awhile before returning to his room.  No time frames have been set.

The pastor had a few visitors just as they were wheeling him out of his room.  Gina is with him.  One of those handling him was Clint White.  He is the son of Wanda and Craig White and was a member of the youth group when Bob and Barb were leaders.  This has been many years ago and he commented that he cooked the Cincinnati Chili recipe that Barb had prepared for the youth from time to time and he loved, but he said his wife hated him for it.  (can be a bit rough on the stomach).

Please pray and gather and pray until you know that our prayers have been answered.

Update 5:50 PM 11//11/2013.  Pastor still in surgery.  The area for anyone to meet is on the 4th floor.  You still go to the North Entrance building and when you get to the 4th floor look for the waiting room and you should see folks there.

Update 7:10 PM 11/11/2013.  Spine surgery was successful and Pastor George did well.  But its not over.  He had kidney stone and they have decided to do a second surgery right away and deal with that problem.  Possibly another two hours of surgery so keep praying.  Your praying has made the difference.  So many people so many places are praying for the pastor, his family and the physicians.  Praise the Lord.

Update 8:30 PM 11/11/2013.  Kidney surgery was successful and completed.   Preliminary indications are that he will be in the hospital for 2 days and can then come home.  Thanks for all the prayers everyone.  Praise the Lord!

Update 9:13 PM 11/11/2013.  Patient recovered, conscious and funny.  I got to see him and commented that we were so surprised that they did the second surgery.  His eyes got big and he said, “They did the kidney too?  after a short hesitation he said, “I guess I got a twofer”.ff

 Update 10:30 AM 11/12/2013.  Pastor George looks good.  He has been pronounced free to eat whatever he wants (he got a jump on it the night before with a late night with an illegal roast beef, swiss cheese and horseradish sandwich.)    The nurse said it was OK but later said he was still on a no food regimen.  But when he took that first bite he moaned delight and there was no doubt that it was the right thing for him.  The word spread through out the hospital of the pastor eating contraband food.

There is more.  They were taking the monitors off of him this morning and he promptly announced first that “isn’t there a rumor that Pastor George is going home today”  to which Gina responded “the rumor will set you free” (tongue in cheek that it is in the Bible).  He then made the comment after the connections were off that “he was going wireless”.  I think there is some Ronald Reagan the man.

Update 12:50 PM 11/12/2013.  Pastor George is inciting to riot here.  He is telling folks he needs plans to break out of this place and is encouraging visitors to bring a file capable of cutting through the bars in his cell.   When he said he was going to break out the nurse who was on the other side of the curtain separating him from another patient in the room said,  “I am on the other side of the curtain and I can hear what you are planning.”

Now, some might think he is still under the influence of the anesthesia but Barb thinks he is just setting the stage for his Sunday message.  I think he is planning on changing his profession to being a stand-up comic.  I told him he could make more money at it.  We were sitting in the waiting room and he walked in.  Said “he chewed the last connection” they had him hooked to machines with and walked off.   Later when heading back to his room he saw a service dog on the floor, came back to the waiting room and said “they have the dogs out looking for me”.

The pastor is very grateful for all your prayers.  He commented that he is probably has gotten more prayer than any pastor in the Vermont that fell on snow and broke his neck.

Now we have learned that his physician came in and said he heard the rumor that he was going home and he confirmed that it would probably happen by the end of the day.

Update 9:00 PM 11/12/2013.  Pastor is home and doing OK.  Praise God!