SBC on target in a society that has gone wrong.

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Our Southern Baptist Convention met recently (June 16-17) in Columbus, Ohio.  Among the business conducted was the approval of the following resolutions:

— urged the Supreme Court in its decision this summer to affirm the right of citizens to limit marriage to a male-female union, reasserted the SBC’s belief in the biblical view of marriage no matter how the justices rule and called for religious freedom for individuals and organizations who conscientiously object to same-sex marriage.

— called for SBC churches and entities to work toward racial and ethnic diversity in their leaders and encouraged Southern Baptists to be “faithful ambassadors of reconciliation.”

— affirmed the sanctity of human life “at all stages of development” and exhorted Southern Baptists to seek “the repeal of unjust laws and inhumane practices that degrade human life.”

— denounced all religious persecution and called for Southern Baptists to pray for persecuted Christians during personal times and corporate worship.

— appealed to the North Korean government to respect human rights and urged the U.S. government to pressure North Korea to recognize the religious freedom of its citizens.

— expressed grief over the destructive impact of pornography and affirmed the power of the Gospel of Jesus to deliver those who have committed sexual immorality.

— pledged a commitment by Southern Baptists to seek God and to pray that He would bring revival.

— expressed gratitude to God upon the 90th anniversary of the Cooperative Program for His leadership in its establishment and encouraged Southern Baptist churches to consider increases in their giving through it.

How would you have voted on these resolutions?  Maybe we can get a group together next year and go to St. Louis for the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention.  May God bless all our Southern Baptist family.

Pastor George