Steve Holbrook, Pastor (Aug 1984-June 1988)

The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph.  Its’ task and vision.  By Stephen M. Holbrook.

The God of Heaven is almighty, all-powerful, all knowing and worthy of praise and adoration.  As the One who created us He has told us in His Holy Word that our primary task is that of declaring His glory and His marvelous deeds in all that we do and say.  Because man has chosen to go his own way rather than to live unto God, God, in His love for man, sent His one and only Son to live with man for a time and then to die in behalf of man so as to pay the penalty of man’s sin.  As a demonstration of His power over sin and death the Son of God, Jesus Christ, physically resurrected from the dead and has ascended to Heaven where He sits at the Father’s right hand

This demonstration of love is an added reason why we should declare the glory of God and his marvelous deeds so that all peoples will know of their opportunity to turn from their sin and join together in declaring the praise of God.

As pastor of this fellowship I have seen God unfold a vision before us.  That vision is to train God’s people of all ages to do the work of this ministry of declaring the glory of God to all men, believer and non-believer.

God is growing us and is bringing a unity to this body so that we can seek after Him for the fulfillment of His vision for us.  Let’s thank Him for His marvelous deeds!

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise.”