Vision Statement 2013

Vision statement through 2020 (God willing)


– We will pray for a spiritual awakening in Randolph and revival in the evangelical churches.

– We will encourage other evangelical churches to grow through partnering with them on missions projects, and hosting attractional events.

– We will build relationships with the lost in our community.

– We will reach every household in the Randolph area by the year 2020.



– We will grow spiritually to be more like Jesus.

– We will experience a growing membership, and growing budget and mission’s offerings.

– We will offer discipleship experiences for people of all ages.

– We will seek to develop a biblical worldview in all of our members.

– We will train and disciple new leaders.

– We will seek to strengthen marriages and families.



– We will have worship services that exalt God and are filled with the presence of God.

– We will seek to have blended worship services in which people of all ages and levels of spiritual growth can worship in Spirit and in truth.



– Every member will be a witness of Jesus Christ.

– Every member will know and use his or her spiritual gifts.

– We will be a missional church that is mission-active, not just mission-minded.

– We will minister to the needy in a Biblical manner.

– We will be involved in planting at least one church or preaching point by 2020.



– There will be an obvious love and joy within the family of God.

– Every member of our church will be encouraged to participate in a small group.

– We will pray for one another on a regular basis.