Visit BFR Website

A new church website was launched in 2013 with many exciting features.  Since that time visitors have found our page through the website.  The website offers many possibilities but is only as good as the content that is offered to be published.  If you have valuable content about church ministries that needs sharing please take the steps to bring it to the attention of Bob Orleck (

Take some time this week and visit and on the Welcome Page  you will find:

  1. The church mission statement
  2. A daily scripture verse to greet you.
  3. The weekly letter from the pen of the pastor.
  4. Fellowship news
  5. The church constitution and bylaws. (to access use the password “legal”)
  6. The current church calendar with details of the events, times and contacts.
  7. Information on Sunday School
  8. Special events showing on the Welcome Page
  9. A historical timeline that reflects the 35 years since the church was formed in 1978.
  10. The weekly church bulletin for past as well as the upcoming Sunday service.
  11. Audio podcasts of the sermons presented on Sunday morning.
  12. Resource links
  13. Photo albums
  14. Information on the various church ministries and the contact information for them.

More new features will be added as time goes on and the situation calls for them. If you have comments, ideas, or suggestions for our website, please contact Bob Orleck (

Let’s use technology for the glory of the LORD.